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Sorry to take so long replying, I've been laid up sick. On the mend now I think but staying indoors for a while just in case. Thanks for your reply and I'll get back to you when I'm up to it if that's ok.
Hello Rich,I don't suppose you still have this rod?If so I would like to buy the rod.
ive never done this ( FLYSWOP) so a stamped adressed envelope with the required amount of flies( nos to be announced by sat ) hopefully we will get ten participants by then
if this doesnt go ahead I would buy some of those greenwells spiders from you?
we might be the only 2 in the swap at this stage are you ready to swap yours baltic
Doobry I also liked your spiders what are you looking for? I've got buzzers, emergers, sedge hogs ready to go.

Cheers Al
if you really want one it can be arranged;)
What sort of price for one to take w/f #6 40 plus floater, and say 50 yds microlite 20lb backing?, as said in purple!
Hi Juneau,

That sounds great, thank you. Long way off I know but could you let me know any details, it's something I would love to have a go at.


Russell. It is a mile long stretch of the Itchen at Itchen Abbass. Tickets are £45 in cash on the day. Some good grayling can be caught on nymphs and dries. I book 4-5 days in October so will contact you in September to firm up details
Bob Preston
Hi Bob,

That's really good of you - speak to you then

Dear Cap'n Fishy,
I see you are looking for a sika pelt. I assume you want one in winter pelage. I am almost certain to be able to get you one or two next winter as I know a guy who shoots them for the table and he would willingly give me a whole skin. I could also get you roe as well and possibly even fallow. Please phone me on 07951-742445 around November to remind me. Donald
Cap'n Fishy
Cap'n Fishy
Thanks for the offer, Donald. Duncan (Sage5) got in touch and has sent me a large piece of sika, which is currently curing in my garage.

I got a whole roe pelt from one of the pheasant shooters, which has given me about 100 3x3 inch squares, so I have a good supply for my dyeing experiments.

Hi Daniel.
I may be interested in a SIMMS sling pack, what colour and model is it?
Try selling your reel through Neil Freeman auctions or Mullocks of Ludlow. They will get you the best price, I think.
Hi Tam,

I sent you a PM ref the waders although I can't see if it was sent or not. If you get this message can you let me know if they are still for sale please?

Hi, Just seen your post about undergarment fleece. Is this still available it’s Baltic here too!