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    Quote Originally Posted by alexj View Post
    Its nice to see plenty of hares in the fields around the house but not many rabbits.

    This little one visits in the mornings running around the garden and i presume the 2 larger ones are its parents.

    Attachment 18918
    Attachment 18919

    Managed to get a few pics of a young hare which seems to have acquired a taste for Dandelions.

    These were taken in the car park at my club loch earlier this evening, he was only about 30 yards from me and a fellow member and seemed preoccupied with his food.

    For once I had my DSLR with me!

    Hope you like them.

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    Had another visit last night from the young hare. this time its lets play hide and seek. Watching out of my "fishing den" window as soon as it saw me it went into "l lie down and you cannot see me" mode. When it gets older it may just run away like its older relatives

    002 - Copy.jpg

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