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Thread: European Hornet

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    Last week while on a day out me and the mrs spotted this what looked like a giant wasp, the thing was huge, very fast moving, and made a racket while flying. It was trapped inside a fruit plant bed and i let it out.
    After a bit of googling i came to the conclusion that it was a European Hornet, and probably the Queen, has anyone else seen these, while googling on my phone i could only find a few reports, and they were from the bottom of the country.

    Still can't get over the size of this thing, what a magnificent creature, although i wouldn't want to be stung by it, ouch.

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    Last summer/autumn was an amazing season for them in the south of the UK: my father in law had an entire nest in his roof, which made for an exciting night when they swarmed.
    Given the numbers then, and the mild winter, i would not be surprised if they have spread even further this year.
    If you look (relatively) closely at them, they have a shiny mid-brown head, eyes and forebody. And, as you know, are at least 50% bigger than a wasp.
    North Cheriton Hornet 1.jpg

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    Sitting in the summerhouse by the pond last Spring I heard a helicopter close by, only it was a queen hornet flying round the room.
    I captured it in a jar for a closer look and took some pictures (which I can't locate) and measurements. It wasn't half as big as it looked when it was airborne but still an impressive 33mm.
    I released her safely to carry on her good work.

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    I should of said, this was in York, so quite well up the country.
    On the size, i don't know for certain, but i'd have to recon at least 50mm, there was a guy there with a top end camera who took a pic of it while it was stationary with my hand next to it for comparison, wish i'd had a word with him to send me pic of this great beasty.

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    One of these in our conservatory last September. North East Derbyshire.
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